Nouveautés : art de la table

What’s new - New art-of-the-table products



Couteau à pain classique 20 cm

Ref PAI20TKI - Fileting knife 20cm Teak


Couteaux de table SAMBA

Ref 62C99SADIH - Set of 6 Samba steak knives. Colors available: Yellow, Brown, Purple, Pink , Turquoise and Green - Matt s/st bolsters. Set available with 1 color or 6 mixed colors.


Set de 4 couteaux bois hybrides

Ref 42C99HBMIH - Set of 4 steak knives Hybrid Woods - Knives made of Ironwood (HFE), Beech (HHE), Amourette or White ebony mixed with white acrylic.


Nouvelles planches en Noyer

Ref PLANNOGM - New Walnut cutting board : Walnut cutting board Big size (60x35cm)


Nouvelles planches en Noyer

Ref PLANNOMM - Walnut cutting board Medium size (45x25cm)


Nouvelles planches en Noyer

Ref PLANNOPM - New Walnut cutting board - Small size (40x16cm)


Laguiole Cuisine Gourmet bois assortis

Ref COL99CUIGOBMI - New range of kitchen knives composed of 1 office 10cm, 15 & 20cm kitchen knives, 1 Fileting knife, 1 Chief knife 25cm and 1 Bread knife 25cm. Available in several materials: Boxwood, Ebony, Olive, Walnut, Prune, Teak and Wenge


Laguiole Cuisine Gourmet

Ref COL99CUIGOEBI - New range of kitchen knives Ebony handle


Couteau à huitre 2 mitres

Ref C2I99CQHIH - New oyster knife 2 s/st bolsters made of Oyster shells


Couteau à huitre 2 mitres

Ref C2I99CQMIH - New oyster knife 2 s/st bolsters made of mussel shells


Porte-couteaux en acacia

Ref PORTE6AC - Knife rests Acacia. Set of 6 knife rests acacia


Nouveau couteau à pizza

Ref PIZ99 - New Pizza Knife. Available in all woods, Buffalo (BU) and Solid Horn (PC)


Set planche acacia avec fil à decouper le fromage et couteau fromage petit ou grand modèle

Ref SETFRGM - Set with acacia cutting board with cheese cutting thread and classical or small cheese knife


Set de 6 couteaux de table “ Buckeye burl “

Ref 62C99BEBIH - Set of 6 steak knives Buckeye burl (BEB). Available in matt or shiny finishing


Set beurrier acacia avec couteau à beurre mantequilla

Ref SETBEMANTE - Set with butter dish and Mantequilla knife


Set de 6 couteaux table “ Re-Move ”

Ref 6MC99IL - Set of 6 steak knives allowing you to change the handle. Available in Ebony (REB), Olive (ROL), Juniper (RGE), Walnut (RNO), Pistachio (RPI) and Wenge (RWE).

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