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The Pole Star

First prize, IWA Outdoor classics 2024

The Pole Star by Laguiole en Aubrac was chosen by visitors as their favourite knife at IWA Outdoors Classics exhibition.

Exceptional materials: meteorite and mammoth tusk

Every year, the IWA Outdoor Classics exhibition rewards exhibitors’ special achievements in the world of cutlery. In 2024, Laguiole en Aubrac stood out with a unique piece: the Pole Star, which won 1st prize in the visitors’ favorite knife category.
The Pole Star is an exceptional knife! Its name is inspired by the materials that compose it: a magnificent handle made of mammoth tusk and a large rear bolster made of meteorite. Its design follows the authentic silhouette of the Laguiole Droit, a 13cm long knife with a ‘corbin beak tail’ at its end. The chosen Damascus blade is VG10 Suminagashi with 67 layers. The knife with double plates has been finely handcarved by our cutler with a beautiful engraving work on the bee.