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Award of Excellence

ambiente 2024

Laguiole en Aubrac has been awarded the prize for excellence in the ‘metal’ category at the 2024 Ambiente international trade fair held in Frankfurt. The award was presented by Tableware International for our Laguiole Gourmet kitchen knives.

Design serving tradition

This collection was created in collaboration with the french designer Benjamin Auzier. Each knife features the famous Laguiole bee in the form of a small medallion, as well as the shepherd’s cross engraved on the handle. The wide blades made of stainless steel provide high-quality sharpness, and the full-tang assembly ensures increased durability.
The Laguiole Gourmet range includes 6 kitchen knives: a 10cm office knife, two kitchen knives of 15 and 20cm, a fileting knife, a Chef knife and a bread knife.
Several combinations are possible : the complete block with the 6 Laguiole Gourmet knives, or the set of 3 knives (office 10cm, kitchen 15cm and 20cm). Alternatively, each knife can be sold individually.